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From The Darkness Into The Light


Where The Struggle Ends, Success and Legacy Begins!




Conquering obstacles such as: homelessness and death. Loriel and Ren had suddenly realized that they have mastered the lower levels of life and were now ready to move on to Higher Things. Things like leaving a legacy for their family and to also break generational curses of brokenness of the mind, spirit, emotion and finance. So, they set out to build a very promising foundation for themselves and their children so that the next generation would not repeat that same cycle. 


In search of a progressive new start Loriel and Ren moved back to the West Coast from Atlanta, GA only to find themselves in the position of homelessness again, but this time with their 6 month old daughter. The gym was a place of therapy for both of them so they found themselves sleeping there for a few days then finally they were able to move into their apartment. During that time Loriel was working on a program called Higher Things Academy. Where She would partner with local schools offering the S.T.E.M.  program, She also partnered with another Youth Mental Health program called Urban Beats where she would teach STEM as well, self awareness, self healing and music and sound therapy and how to eat to live by partnering with a local gardening program to teach agricultural skills, As promising as all this sounds, none of it ended up working out. 


With San Diego cost of living being at an all time high. The couple found themselves short of funds, so in order to launch their project Loriel and Her Husband Ren decided to move out of their home and into a motorhome. This helped them save money that they would normally pay in rent Limiting their food intake to Tuna for 5 months intentionally budgeting to the best of their ability, because entrepreneurship and the Youth is something they are very passionate about. And then the unthinkable happened, I’m talking tragedy after tragedy,  May of 2019 Ren;s grandfather dies of a massive heart attack and it was untimely, On into June of 2019 Loriel was poisoned and it was deadly, she stopped breathing Ren had to do CPR to get her back. Moving forward into July, Ren received a phone call from His Sister stating that their Mom had taken a turn for the worse and was in ICU, due to Her long battle with cancer. So they flew out to Atlanta again, and was back in forth to the hospital for 3 weeks to ensure that his Mother would make it out of ICU alive and She did, but sadly,  Chemo krept in and Ren’s Mom died July 2019 at the young age of 50. 


So out of these tragedies Loriel and Ren decide to stay in Atlanta and create Divine Beauty Supply & Boutique something that would give light and life to the world. Which ended up becoming a massive platform that was much greater than them. With the intentions of community building, strong alliances and economic relationships Divine Beauty Supply and Boutique is designed to withstand the test of time!


So… where the struggle ends, success and legacy begins!